What is a chud?

Most commonly used image of the elusive chud

A chud is the average disgruntled Western man that believes in ideals that would get them labeled as politically incorrect (usually by self-proclaimed leftists). Their favorite hobbies consist of watching slice of life anime with an all-female cast, making esoteric video edits of various fascists leaders, and posting about their unquenchable hatred of the African race all over the internet. Contrary to popular belief, chuds come from various cultural backgrounds ranging from Nordic to Chinese.

(It is interesting to know that despite their hatred of foreign races chuds have an infatuation with Japanese culture. It is unknown why this is the case and you will NOT look into it any further.)

According to fact-checkers, transgenders are a group of “people” who seem to detest the chud the most. Indeed, because of them, the chud has constantly been deplatformed off the internet by these monstrous entities. Hence, the eternal war between the two factions. Nowadays, chuds have retreated to the deepest corners of the net. With small pockets of resistance planted within normie spheres, always prepared to drop their catchphrases “TND” and “1488” when the opportunity beckons for it.

When it comes down to it a chud is just a normal man like you and I. A wandering soul looking for his place in the world.

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