Was Hitler a Jew/Rothschild?

Let’s separate truth from fiction.

  • “Hitler’s grandfather was a Rothschild” story was invented by an OSS employee during WWII;
  • “Hitler’s grandfather was a Jew named Frankenberger” story was invented by a condemned man;
  • Records show that Hitler’s grandmother was not in Vienna or Graz at the time she conceived her son;
  • There was a relationship between Prescott Bush and Fritz Thyssen and a relationship between Thyssen and the National Socialist Party. But there was no relationship between Bush and the NS Party;
  • There is no link between Bush-Harriman and Auschwitz labor.

Podcast on the real genealogy of Adolf Hitler and the relationship between Prescott Bush, Fritz Thyssen and National Socialism: https://carolynyeager.net/heretics-hour-putting-myths-rest

Despite what some may believe there is no evidence to be found that proves Hitler and the Nazis were partnered with the Jewish tribe or the Rothschild banks. On the contrary, we have multiple accounts from those outside the time period, as well as ones from within. German, French and Austrian branches of the House of Rothschild were effectively destroyed by Hitler.

Take a look at this snippet into Niall Ferguson’s biography on the Rothschild family, The House of Rothschild: Volume 2: The World’s Banker: 1849-1999 that goes into detail on Hitler’s war against them:

“An altogether more ruthless coalition had come to power in Germany in 1933, dominated by the National Socialist German Workers’ Party. Hostility to the Rothschilds’ had been a feature of Nazi propaganda from the movement’s infancy (see introduction to volume 1) despite the fact that the Frankfurt house had been wound up when Hitler was barely twelve years old. It was a hostility that soon translated into action.

It was not until April 1938, with the “Ordinance on the Registration of Jewish Assets,” that Rothschild property came under direct attack. In the wake of the orchestrated anti-Semitic demonstrations of the following November (Reichskristallnacht), nearly all the myriad of charitable and educational foundations — of which there were around twenty — were dissolved, with the exception of the Carolinum Dental Clinic, which had become part of the Frankfurt University.

[…]The private property of the few family members still resident in Germany was expropriated by similar methods, though there was in fact relatively little of it left by 1938. Before the process of confiscation began, Max von-Goldscmidt-Rothschild’s son Albert, Rudolf and Erich sold the family houses at the Grüneburg and Königstein and opted to emigrate (Albert to Switzerland, where he committed suicide in 1941 when faced with the threat of expulsion).

[…] By 1939, of course, numerous members of the Rothschild family were themselves refugees. The German invasion of France in May 1940 increased their number substantially.

Another account from a brief biography of Louis von Rothschild (1882-1955), states:

1938 Louis was arrested by the Nazis and held for a year in jail until the complicated negotiations over his release were completed. Rothschild was allowed to leave the country only if he renounced all Austrian possessions. […] This ended the presence of the Rothschilds on Austrian soil. The childless Louis went into exile in the United States…

…Rothschild was allowed to leave the country only if he renounced all the Austrian possessions. A truly princely ransom.

In 1940 Joseph Goebbels commissioned a film exposing the criminal activities of the Rothschild family. Titled, The RothsChilds: Shares in Waterloo

The film set to provide a historical account on the Rothschilds’ family rise to power. Illustrating the “Judafication” of British society at the hands of the Rothschilds.

One only has to ask themselves the meaning behind dismantling your own economic empire and imprisoning your own family would bring for future prosperity. One of Hitler’s goals was to uproot the Rothchilds’ influence in Germany from the very beginning.

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