How to create an alt account for Reddit to circumvent a ban in 2024

If you’re like me, who gets banned for expressing his opinion on the cesspool called Reddit, then look no further, as I will detail all that you need to know in order to bypass your ban.


Depending on the severity of your ban, you can easily setup a VPN and use that to create an account. While you can use your old IP again, it’s possible Reddit will connect the dots to your previous account and ban your new one. So to be safe, I recommend using a VPN, preferably a paid one. Free VPN locations are commonly used by others to circumvent bans, which makes it riskier for your new account.

Do keep this in mind. Reddit has implemented new anti-spam measures and has blocked many VPN addresses. You will see the “whoa there, pardner!” error if that’s the case. In my experience, Swedish IPs have proven to be successful in circumventing this. Though I am certain others will work if you do some trial and error.


When the registration page asks for an email address, do not use any previous emails that are associated with a banned account. Again, the goal is to cut off any possible connections to your previous alias’ to reduce the chances of Reddit connecting the dots. You could either create a new email and go through all that hastle, or you could take the easy way out: throwaway emails. Fortunately, there are plenty of free disposable email sites you can use. Just remember to keep your password saved, because if you lose it, there’s no way to recover it.

One last tip: If you believe Reddit is still detecting your alts, it’s possible they are fingerprinting your browser. If that’s the case, you will want to consider using a different browser that hasn’t been used by a previously banned account to login.

Once that’s done, you are now ready to grace plebbit with your presence once again. If you manage to get banned again (and you will), just repeat the same steps that you followed in this article, and the Reddit admins will be none the wiser.

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