Death Note is one of the best and worst anime I’ve ever watched

This show started off incredible. It’s been a long time since I found an anime I could watch without getting second hand embarrassment. While there were still your expected anime tropes, it was a hell of a lot more grounded in reality compared to the rest of the medium. No high school bullshit, no harems, and no stupid “anime” moments like accidental tit groping, etc.

The two titular characters, Light and L, were fun to watch. If you’re based you rooted for Light to cleanse the world of evil, and if you’re gay you rooted for L to stop him. Objectively L isn’t as interesting as Light but his chemistry with him kept the show engaging so I can’t complain. Watching them trying to one up each other through any means necessary was the highlight of the show. If it kept up the pace it would’ve easily made it to my top 5 anime of all time.

But of course they slowly started to fuck things up. First they added that annoying bitch Misa that added nothing to the show but to annoy the hell out of you. And then they made Light lose his memories and we were forced to watch side characters take down a random evil corporation? By the end of it we see Light get his memories back and kill L by manipulating a shinigami who loved Misa for reasons?? It was a ass pull but whatever. I’m sure it can’t get worse than this.

No, I was wrong. The author couldn’t outsmart Light so he had to dumb him down. Somehow two femboys that were confirmed in the show to be inferior to L were outsmarting Light with ease. And once we get to the ending everything goes completely ape shit.

You’re telling me the Kira worshiper and level-headed Mikami would be retarded enough to act out on his own? Enough to get Light exposed by the femboy Near? And somehow Light couldn’t have a plan B, C, and D like he has throughout the entire series until this point? And then it’s revealed Near had his officer create a perfect replica of the Death Note that contains 10’s of thousands of names in under 12 hours. Bullshit.

And then Kira’s true identity is revealed and he goes on a tangent on how his actions helped stop wars and crime. With everyone responding with “you’re evil because punishing criminals is… le bad!” And Light gets shot and dies a pathetic death. The end.

To me it seemed like the author was too scared to let the bad guy win so went with the stock Marvel tier ending. There was no point to anything in the entire 37 episode run when the mc becomes an idiot and has everything he’s done unravel in one minute because of ass pulls. I legitimately was pissed for a few hours.

In the end I’d rate it a 6/10 overall. Up until L’s death it was a solid 8. Everything after was a 4.

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